Mr and Mrs Gibbs – £7,500 rollover winners

After purchasing a £1 raffle ticket in Tŷ Hafan’s Abergavenny shop, Mr and Mrs Gibbs were surprised with a knock on the door and presented with a cheque for £7,500, winning the Crackerjackpot rollover. Mr Gibbs, from Pontypridd, explains what this money means to them and how they’re planning to spending their winnings:

“I buy a ticket every time I go into the Abergavenny shop; there’s a lovely lady who works there. I had a pound left over so bought a raffle ticket, as I always do, because Tŷ Hafan is such a good cause.

“Never did I think that my £1 would turn into £7,500 — I’m still in shock. These things don’t happen to us. It was only the other day we were talking about what we’d do if we won £10,000 and we working out how we’d split it between our family.

“Children’s causes like Tŷ Hafan are near to our hearts so we always want to support in some way, especially a Welsh charity. Years ago I worked as a nurse in a hospital and I’ll never forget a young child dying of leukaemia. We had two little ones at the time and I felt like I wanted to give it up; I couldn’t continue seeing such devastating things happen to children. I was at Aberfan during the disaster in 1966 too. You don’t forget those things – they stick with you for life.

“As well as giving back to the charity and giving to our family, we’ll be using the money to treat ourselves next week too.

“My wife has had several illnesses over the last few years, so a while ago we booked to go away on a cruise around the British Isles for a much-needed break, and one that’s not too far from home territory!

“But now that we’ve won this money, we’ll be able to afford to do a couple of the excursions and trips along the way. We can’t wait!

“Thank you Tŷ Hafan for such a wonderful surprise… we’ll never stop supporting (and I think we’ll carry on buying those £1 raffle tickets!)”